Camping at Park Lake

After a few false starts, thanks to our first two trips being cancelled, our summer 2021 camping season FINALLY began with a wonderful weekend with friends at Park Lake.

Park Lake campsite is located in Park Lake Provincial Park, about 17km north of Lethbridge in southern Alberta. It’s a really lovely little campsite situated on the shores of Park Lake. There are treed sites that are suitable for both tents and RVs – it was nice to see a big variety of different tents and vehicles there and lots of families spending time together.

It’s not a big campsite and we were in the A loop, with our site right on the lake. The B loop, on the south side of the campsite, was a bit further from the lake and not as treed, but the sites there are powered.

There is plenty to keep the kids busy and it was wonderful to see them having fun and playing with their friends – they certainly have come a long way in the last year to embrace the camping life!

The lake has a pebbled beach where the kids could splash about, and the water is quite shallow so they could wade in quite easily. The playpark next to the beach is also a decent size with lots to keep the kids occupied. And there’s a concession stand near the beach that sells some yummy take-out burgers and other treats.

The path around the lake was great for walks and bike rides, and the guys enjoyed some fishing along the shore. The water was also nice and calm for paddleboarding and kayaking.

It was so lovely to be so close to the lake and hear the birds chirping – it was a very welcome change of pace after our last few crazy busy weeks.

This was our first full weekend out with our tent trailer, and after our first Canadian camping season in a tent, we are so happy to have upgraded. It makes such a difference having a proper structure to sleep in, and to have all our stuff nicely packed away and in its place. The beds are so comfortable, and we all slept really well. The kids also enjoyed having the space to relax in, and it was fund setting up a comfortable little home away from home for the weekend. It also made such a difference in not having to pack and unpack half our house for the weekend – unpacking when we got home took just 15 minutes!

My only complaint about the campsite – the stench from the outhouses was quite overwhelming at times. This is usually the case on a Sunday after a full weekend of campers, which is understandable, but the smell was already lingering from the minute we arrived on the Friday. But this was a minor issue compared to the rest of the wonderful things we enjoyed there.

Park Lake is a fantastic little gem, and we will definitely add it to our list of spots to return to!


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