Canada Immigration Checklist

Immigration is a massive journey and there is SO MUCH to think about and plan. From the day you make the decision to the time you get on the plane, your life is going to consist of one big check list!

I’ve recently been looking back at our journey to Canada and when I think back, it really is incredible how much work it involved. Immigration is hard work and you have to put the hard work in to make it happen.

To make your life a little easier, for those of you considering a move to Canada or who are already in the process, here’s a comprehensive list to help you along your way:

  1. Do your research. Is Canada somewhere you see yourself living?
  2. Figure out if you’re eligible and what visa stream would work for you
  3. Decide if you want to work through an agent or go it alone
  4. Gather all the required docs (see more specifics below)
  5. Fill in all relevant forms for visa application
  6. Get all relevant documents copied and certified
  7. Take the IELTS exams
  8. Arrange transcripts and certificates to send to WES
  9. Arrange and collect birth and marriage certificates
  10. Arrange visa photos
  11. Arrange reference letters from previous employers
  12. Sort out investment policies
  13. Sell house
  14. Look for rental accommodation in the interim
  15. Have medical checks
  16. Arrange police clearance
  17. Get bank statements printed
  18. Arrange driver’s license clearance
  19. Sell cars
  20. Cancel all existing South African accounts – streaming, cell phone, TV licence, internet
  21. Ensure you give a trusted person signing power over your bank accounts in case you need assistance with your banking
  22. Notify banks regarding bank cards/downgrade bank accounts
  23. Ensure there is enough money in your SA account for any ongoing debits
  24. Change bank notifications and OTP to email
  25. Get letter from car insurance
  26. Get reference letters from bank
  27. Get reference letters from landlord
  28. Give notice to school
  29. Give notice to employers
  30. Clear out the junk
  31. Sell unwanted goods
  32. Ensure SA phones are unlocked for overseas
  33. Arrange contact lenses/glasses/prescription meds
  34. Last dental check for the family
  35. Last visit to the hairdresser
  36. Have jewellery valued
  37. Have children’s vaccinations finalized and documents in order
  38. Compile goods to accompany list
  39. Compile goods to follow list
  40. Get quotes and arrange shipping
  41. Pack up house
  42. Pet passport and docs for pets
  43. Arrange transport for pets
  44. Book air tickets
  45. Arrange travel/health insurance
  46. Look for accommodation/arrange Airbnb for first few nights/weeks
  47. Say goodbye to friends and family
  48. And finally…Get on the airplane!!!

Looking for more info? Check out this list of useful links for Canadian immigration.


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