Expat stories

Moving to and living in a new city is such a unique experience for every expat and it’s always helpful to read the different perspectives of those who have chosen to make Canada their home.

Here are some of our expat stories.

Ivor and Catherine – the authors of Cape Town to Calgary share their perspectives on life in Calgary.

Andy and Marius – read more about their adventures of moving to Toronto in the middle of the pandemic.

Tarryn – a 20-something expat shares some wonderful insights about life in “Cow Town”.

Greg and Juli – a South African family shares how they have embraced life in Calgary.

Dylan and Stefanie – a young couple who moved to Calgary with their three doggies shares their perspective on life in Calgary.

Wayne and Leanne – a young South African family shares their first impressions of living in Calgary.

Conrad and Nicky – a couple who moved to Calgary at the end of 2019 shares their thoughts on starting a new life in Canada.

Kobus and Marie-France – South African/French expats share their experiences of life in Port Moody, BC.

Mia – A South African singer, songwriter and entrepreneur shares her insights on life in Calgary.

We love sharing different expat stories, so if you’d like to be featured, contact us!

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