Great blogs

We love reading other bloggers’ stories about their experiences of life in Canada. Here are a few of our favourite expat blogs about Canada:

SEEK.TASTE.EXPLORE – Danika and Tihan are South African expats living in Hamilton, Ontario. They love to seek new adventures, explore, and always experience something new. We especially love their beautiful photos!

Andrea van Niekerk – Living in Oakville, Ontario, Andrea is a South African vlogger offering great advice about everything you need to know about life in Canada. From schooling, to buying groceries, what to pack, and the challenges of expat life, Andrea’s got it covered.

Expat in Canada – Tim and Kamila are a South African/Slovakian couple who aim to help others discover and transition into life in Canada. With sound advice and interesting expat success stories, it’s a great read.

Ongiini – Maritza shares her experiences of immigration and life in Nova Scotia with interesting stories, anecdotes, and yummy recipes, for those wanting a taste of home.

We’re busy building this list, and love reading different expat stories, so if you want to be featured here, please contact us.

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