Camping at Police Outpost

For our second camping trip of 2021, we headed to Police Outpost. Located in the Police Outpost Provincial Park, it’s right on the border with Montana, so quite a drive down south from Calgary.

It’s a lovely small camp site with nicely shaded sites. The whole camp site is only one loop so not too busy. The lake is just a short walk from the camp site, but it was rather gross thanks to lots of algae and leeches, so not that pleasant to swim in, but we still enjoyed some time by the water.

It was super hot the weekend we were there, and thanks to the lake not being swimmable, we went in search of somewhere to cool off and ended up at the community pool in Cardston, a cute town about 10km from the camp site. It’s a lovely swimming pool with a big slide and splash pools for the littles to enjoy.

Our favourite thing about Police Outpost was the proximity to Waterton. It’s a short hour or so drive to the town, and if you go to Police Outpost, you must take the opportunity to go there. It’s such a beautiful town with lovely restaurants, shops, and of course the lake that leads to the US-Canada border.

Another highlight of this trip? Seeing bears in the wild for the first time on our drive to Waterton – it was such a magical experience, especially as it was a beautiful mommy bear and her two teeny cubs. It was certainly a memory to cherish, and something we can tick off our Canadian bucket list!

It was a lovely weekend with friends, but thanks to the gross lake, I don’t think we will make the long trek down there again any time soon. But we definitely plan to visit Waterton again one day.


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