Camping at Boulton Creek

I’m so behind on sharing our camping stories and it seems a bit strange to be sharing these in the middle of winter, but I am dreaming of summer, and if you know how crazy the booking system is for camping in Canada, I’m sure you’re also starting to plan your summer camping trips already. So, I guess now may still be a good time to start talking about camping again!

One of our favourite camping trips of 2021 was to Boulton Creek. It’s an awesome camp site in the Peter Lougheed Provincial Park in Kananaskis, about 153km from Calgary. It’s a really beautiful drive through the mountains to get there, and if you’re lucky you may see plenty of wildlife along the way, too.

Boulton Creek is a huge camp site, so if you’re camping with friends, make sure you try get sites close together, or you may find yourself trekking far to get to them. We stayed in the E loop, right near the entrance and camp store. The loop has full hook ups – having water and electricity sure makes camping so much more comfortable (although those who prefer to rough it may disagree haha!).

The campsite is in an active bear area in Kananaskis and there are signs all over the camp site to be cautious. On our second night there, some of the pathways were blocked off due to bear activity right in the camp site – this was a bit unnerving and rather too close for comfort, especially as these were pathways that we had just been walking on to get to our friends in the next loop. But I guess this all adds to the adventure of camping in Canada – there is never a dull moment!

Upper and Lower Lakes are just a short drive away, and these are your best option for some lake activity. It’s so pretty out there and the lakes are great for kayaking and paddleboarding. Wedge Pond is also not too far away to enjoy a day by the water. You’ll also find plenty of awesome day hikes in the area, as well as great bike paths for the whole family to enjoy.

Something we have really enjoyed on our camping trips recently is making a potjie – a yummy South African stew cooked in a big pot over the coals. It’s best made with lamb, but you can use any meat you like – chicken and beef are great options. Ivor has really perfected the art of potjie making and the fact that our friends went back for seconds AND thirds really proved it!

We had a wonderful three days at Boulton Creek. We especially loved the typical Canadian scenery of mountains, lakes, and pine trees, and it’s definitely on our list to return for our next camping season!


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