I haven’t felt much motivation to share anything here lately, even the fun stuff. This is partly because I’ve been feeling rather homesick recently. I usually love sharing the fun stories and beautiful photos of all our adventures, but today it's time to get real again and tackle the inevitable beast that many immigrants will... Continue Reading →

The Honest Expat: An interview with Becoming You

I love sharing our adventures in Canada on my blog, and I also love sharing the stories of other expats, so last week I was really honoured to be approached by Kathryn over at Becoming You to share our expat journey with her readers as part of her Honest Expat series. There are some great... Continue Reading →

Meet the expat – Mia

Mia is a South African singer, songwriter and entrepreneur who moved to Calgary with her family in 2019. You can read more about Mia on her websites, Mia Whitfield and Sing It Inc, or follow her on Facebook or Instagram. When did you move to Canada and what made you choose Calgary? We moved to... Continue Reading →

The challenges of immigration

We love sharing about how great life in Canada is – the beauty, the safety, the fun things to do, the adventure – but this doesn’t mean that things have always been perfect, or that they’ve been easy. When it comes to immigration, we can often choose to see life through rose-tinted glasses. You want... Continue Reading →

Meet the expats – Dylan and Stefanie

Dylan and Stefanie moved to Calgary in November 2019 with their three adorable doggies, Barklie, Chewie and Pippie. They share their thoughts on moving to and starting a new life in Canada. When did you move to Canada and what made you choose Calgary? We arrived in Calgary on 12 November 2019 without ever having... Continue Reading →

Why we’ve chosen Calgary

Canada is such a huge country and there is such a great variety of options when it comes to deciding where to live. We’re fortunate to have permanent residence without being tied to a provincial nomination, and we therefore have the choice of living pretty much anywhere we want in this great country. We’ve spent... Continue Reading →

The Narrows

How the immigration process can feel like climbing through the dark and narrow cavern of a cave. A few years ago, my brother-in-law introduced me to an infamous cave in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, known as Ronan’s Wells. This is not any old cave as the name suggests, but a cave that literally squeezes the... Continue Reading →

Useful links for Canadian immigration

When you initially start thinking about emigrating to Canada and begin exploring the different options, it can be completely overwhelming. I regularly see questions on the forums about where to start, so I’ve put together a list of useful sites that’ll help you find your way around the process. Where to begin...First and foremost, the... Continue Reading →

Stop obsessing about visa timelines

I see so many posts on the online forums lately asking or complaining about the processing times for Canadian visas, whether it’s waiting for an LMIA, a work permit approval or PR via Express Entry. If you really want to drive yourself crazy, then start obsessing about a timeline... We need to all understand that... Continue Reading →

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