Useful apps to make life easier in Calgary

From finding the best transport routes, to planning a meal and grocery shopping, there are some really great apps that make life so much easier for those living in Calgary. Here are some of my favourite:

A great interactive app for the adventurous looking for hiking, running and biking trails in and around Calgary – there are detailed maps, ratings and info about the difficulty levels of each trail.

Calgary Transit
This is the official app for the city’s public transport system and is very useful for planning your way around the city. It shows bus and CTrain routes, and if you add your current and planned destination it will map out the best route for you, and even shows how long it may take to walk between destinations.

Door Dash
A great food delivery app connecting you to your favourite cuisine and restaurants in the city.

This is a great app when shopping around for bargains as it presents all the flyers and specials of major retailers in the city, and you can search by shop or category, so a good place to start before you go traipsing between the different shops.

A very convenient app for online grocery shopping. It’s quick and convenient and you can either pay per delivery or sign up for a monthly membership, which works out much cheaper if you’re going to be using it regularly. Stores connected to Instacart include Superstore, Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Similar to Gumtree, Kijiji is a useful app for buying and selling anything and everything from toys, to furniture, and even finding a rental property.

Skip the Dishes
A great app for getting take out delivered from your favourite restaurants to your doorstep. Lots of restaurants and some shops, including liquor stores, are connected to Skip the Dishes so there is plenty of variety to choose from.

A great interactive app for finding rental properties in the city. It shows maps and has nice write ups about each community. You can search according to lots of different criteria such as area, size, budget etc. You can also set alerts for properties that match your criteria.

Tim Hortons
For your delicious daily coffee fix delivered to your door – and the more you shop the more you get rewarded.

This is a very useful app for finding dog walkers and pet sitters in the city.

Uber operates in Calgary and is very useful for getting around – as with most cities, it’s a much more expensive option than using trains or buses.

Uber Eats
A great app connecting you to your favourite take out in Calgary.

Weather Puppy
We all know how unpredictable Alberta weather can be, but this is one of the most accurate weather apps for Calgary.

If you have any other apps you’ve found useful to your life in Calgary, we’d love to add it to the list, so comment below!


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