Road tripping to BC

A few months ago, pre-corona, and when we were able to easily cross provincial borders, we had a few days off before we finally settled into a new routine of work and school, so we decided to visit some old friends in Cranbrook, a town in the Kootenay region of BC.

It’s about a four-hour drive from Calgary to Cranbrook and cuts right through the Rockies. We decided to break the trip up by staying in Radium Hot Springs for a night before moving on to Cranbrook, and then take the southern route through Fernie on the way home.

Driving along the meandering roads through the Rockies, with pine trees and towering snow-capped peaks, is absolutely breathtaking. It was a dream come true to experience this and we had a wonderful weekend enjoying the Canadian landscapes and connecting with friends.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I don’t think this post needs too many more words. I’m going to let our photos tell the rest of the story.

We really can’t get enough of the incredible beauty around us and we can’t wait to explore more of this amazing country we now call home!


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