An evening walk down Stephen Avenue

It’s been so wonderful to get out and about and be able to meet up with friends again. Yesterday, for the first time in over three months, I caught a train into downtown to meet some girlfriends for a drink. It was a bittersweet eve, as we were bidding farewell to a special friend heading off to start a new adventure in Kamloops. Our special South African Calgary trio is no more. T, we will miss you! But we’re definitely looking forward to a road trip to BC soon…

Stephen Avenue is the place to be in downtown on a Friday evening. There was such a great atmosphere as people were wandering down the road, zooting passed on green scooters, and enjoying socialising at tables on restaurant patios. It felt good to do something normal again, and with the sun still shining at 10pm and the air balmy, we enjoyed a lovely walk down Stephen Avenue. I love walking down this pedestrian street – it is so picturesque with the contrast of rusty old and shiny new buildings, people mingling, and the Calgary Tower looming over us on the one side.


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