Camping at Kinbrook Island

For our second Canadian camping experience, we headed to Kinbrook Island. The campsite sits on the shores of Lake Newell in the Kinbrook Island Provincial Park, located about 13km south of Brooks in southern Alberta.

Kinbrook Island is a beautiful camp site with lots of trees, playgrounds, and fun water activities. Of our three camping trips thus far, it’s definitely been our favourite.

The campsite has a large beach on the lakefront, and with the sand and crashing waves, we felt like we were camping on a tropical island. There were some nice shallow areas for the kids to play and we enjoyed having our little blow-up boat and floaties to relax in, and the kids loved building sandcastles. The area surrounding the beach is also great for day visitors with picnic and barbeque sites, playgrounds, and lots of shaded areas.

We enjoyed some lovely walks along the shore in the evenings and saw some of the most beautiful Alberta sunsets. It was all so peaceful, and at times like this, reinforces why we chose to make Canada our home.

Our site was in the D loop, with our friends scattered around C, D and E loops. We were in a lovely section of the campsite, with our site under big trees, so we had a lot more shade and privacy than we had at Gold Springs. The sites are also quite large, so we easily fitted our tent, kitchen gazebo and car on the site. The playground was nearby and within sight, so the kids could easily go play without us having to go with them to the jungle gym every time. We were away from the beach, so it was best to drive there, or if you have bikes, it’s an easy bike ride there.

Our kids were definitely more settled this time around, which made for a much more pleasant experience. There were also a lot more tenters here, so we didn’t feel like the odd ones out. The sites are great for both tents and RVs with the ground being a bit better than Gold Springs, and the shade certainly helped.

The only complaint we have: the mosquitoes! But when it comes to camping in Canada, there really is no escaping them, so just have lots of bug spray, antihistamine lotions, and keep your tent doors closed.

We loved Kinbrook Island and will definitely be visiting again next summer.


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    1. Thank you, we have enjoyed our camping trips so much and can’t wait to explore more camp sites next summer. Don’t think we will ever get tired of the beautiful scenery around us. 😊


    1. Hi Lina, I think the site number was D61 or 62. If you are considering Kinbrook, also look at the I loop – it is right by the beach, so really great if you have kids as it makes for easy access and you can just want to the beach.


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