A prayer for our journey

As I lay me down to sleep
I close my eyes and try not to weep
The exhaustion of this immigration journey is taking its toll
I want to cry, scream and yell
Oh, when will we have an answer?
I beg you Lord let us know
Will we ever get to see the snow?
Will our children get to live in safety?
Grow up in a society where colour is blind and diversity is welcome
In a land where the maple trees grow
The bright red and gold leaves of the fall in all their splendour
Welcome our weary souls home to a new land, a bright beginning, a great adventure
The land of grizzly bears and bison
Where the Rockies majestically rise
The Niagara Falls splash their mighty power
And the lakes ripple tides of glorious beauty and untouched wonder
Our family’s new adventure awaits

As I lay down my head to sleep
My heart does a little jump and a leap
For the adventures we’re about to have
I pray Lord for your blessings on our little tribe
For news of what our future holds
It’s all in your hands
We trust you, we have faith
Canada is calling, we hear her sweet song
Hold our hand on this journey, please Lord we pray
We’re excited, we’re scared
But we know you’ll guide us
To Canada our great journey is about to begin
And with this wondrous thought I fall asleep with a grin


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