If there is one thing I’m learning to be throughout this process it’s to be grateful. While it’s been an extremely stressful year, with so much uncertainty, there are so many things that I am grateful for and I’m reminded over and over of how good God has been to us throughout our journey to emigrate thus far.

Here are a few things that I’m grateful for in this journey:

I’m grateful for a level-headed, calm, intelligent husband who is always there alongside supporting me and giving me pep talks when I’m having a bad moment. He is a man of faith, but both our faith has fluctuated along the way, and it’s been good to draw closer and dig deeper to share our fears and thoughts, to get back on the path together and share this dream together.

I’m grateful for small miracles and big ones – from the bonuses we received which covered our proof of funds, to my solid IELTS results, to the quick turnover to get documents such as police clearance, reference letters, credential assessments etc.

I’m grateful for the smooth process thus far. I know there are many people who have a very bumpy road and wait for many years for what we have already achieved in the short space of a few months.

I’m grateful for education and for my father who always pushed me to do my best, to not give up, to get that degree. He always told me that no one could take it away from me and it will get me places in life, and here we stand, if not for our education we would not have been able to proceed on this path. Thank you, Dad, for not letting me give up.

I’m grateful for the process itself, which has taught me so much about myself. A control freak by nature, I’ve had to surrender the process over to others – to our immigration consultant, to the Canadian government and, most especially, to God. We have done our best to submit our application as best we could, and now we have no control over the outcome, we just have to be patient and continue to have faith that it will all work out as it should.

I’m grateful for being able to let go. I’m a very sentimental person and tend to hold onto things. In selling all our furniture and donating most of the other stuff, I’ve really had to dig deep to let things go, to realise that it’s just stuff, and it can be replaced. It’s actually turned out to be very liberating to declutter our lives, to rid ourselves of so many items that were just taking up space, and it was wonderful to be able to give it over to those less fortunate who will really use it and who are grateful for it.

I’m grateful for my children, who we are doing this for. I’m grateful for these intelligent, beautiful, amazing kids and we hope to give them a brighter future full of opportunities and adventures. While we can see this process has taken its toll on them and they are unsettled and confused with all the changes, we have also seen how they have grown and matured in the last few weeks and months.

I’m grateful for the support of our family and friends, who have encouraged us along the way, rooting for us, asking questions, offering support, a strong arm and a shoulder to cry on. Immigration can be a lonely road, but having the support of those we love is so important. I’m especially grateful to my parents who have generously opened their home to us while we wait for our visa. They have given us a safe place to rest our weary souls, have been supportive and put up with us, and waited patiently alongside us.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to start over, to do something new, to meet new people, to learn about a new culture and expose my children to so much more.

I’m grateful for the future adventures we’re going to have as a family. I know it’s going to be hard, but I also know that we have a wonderful future ahead of us, and I’m very excited!


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