The Beautiful Peace Bridge

I finally got to see and walk on the Peace Bridge recently. Totally crazy that it’s taken me this long to finally get there, but life has been super busy, and then, of course, we’ve been stuck at home for weeks.

The big red structure really is beautiful as it hovers over the turquoise waters of the Bow River and the shiny city skyline is so lovely as it looms in the background.

There’s a wonderful atmosphere around the area with people walking, jogging and riding their bikes along the river pathways and families lingering in the sun. Canada geese and their babies are floating along the river, and even a couple beavers can be seen working away along the shore line.

After weeks of being stuck at home and indoors, it was so refreshing to get out into the city again. I’ll definitely be back soon. I can’t wait for life to go back to a bit or normality again so we can fully enjoy the beauty of Calgary in the summer. It’s been so magical to see the city transform and come alive with the colours of spring!


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