Picnic at Prince’s Island Park

After almost two months of staying home and not being able to socialise, we were so excited to finally get out a little bit over the long weekend. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and had a picnic at Prince’s Island Park.

Spring has definitely sprung in Calgary and it was so lovely to see families relaxing on the grass, walking and riding their bikes. With all the craziness that we are all experiencing around the world right now, we finally felt semi normal again.

After a very long winter, and then the isolation, it has been amazing to see how Calgary is transforming from a winter wonderland to a green oasis. The grass has gone from an ugly brown to a lush green, the river has melted and now a pretty turquoise colour, and the leaves are sprouting on the trees. The animals are also emerging, and we especially love seeing the beautiful birds that have arrived. The whole city skyline looks different and it certainly has lifted our spirits to see the city come to life.

There were plenty of police and by-law officers patrolling the area to ensure everyone was behaving and practicing good social distancing. Law enforcement here is something to be respected and it’s so refreshing living in a country where we know we can rely on the police to help us in a time of crisis.

Prince’s Island Park is a 20-hectare park on an island in the Bow River. There are bridges connecting the park to downtown and Memorial Drive and I just love the contrast of shiny, modern skyscrapers on one side and river and lush gardens on the other. There is an ampitheatre where the park hosts festivals and concerts over the summer months, and there are plenty of grassy patches to have a picnic, playgrounds for the kids to hop around, and loads of paths for a leisurely walk or bike ride. Eau Claire Market is just across the road if you want to grab a bite to eat, and there are also other cafés and restaurants in the area to buy some goodies to nibble. Or, of course, you can pack your own picnic basket. Just remember, no alcohol is allowed in the public parks.

We loved Prince’s Island Park and can definitely see ourselves spending many happy summer afternoons there!


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