Ice skating on Lake Louise

As we head into spring in Canada, I’ve been thinking back on all the wonderful adventures we enjoyed over the winter. With lockdowns and many things closed, we really had to make the most of the outdoors and the things we were allowed and able to do as a family.

One thing we really enjoyed doing together in winter was ice skating. Our highlight of winter, and a memorable experience to tick off our Canadian bucket list, is most definitely skating on a frozen Lake Louise.

We took a trip out to Lake Louise with our little family over the winter break and it was a really magical family time. Lake Louise freezes over, and they have a section cleared off on the Fairmont Chateaux side for ice skating. It’s such a great atmosphere there with families enjoying the beautiful scenery, and ice castles, moms and dads skating around with their little ones, and kids enjoying some hockey together.

We also decided to spoil ourselves with a horse sleigh ride along the lake to see the frozen waterfalls on the other side. It was so much fun and so peaceful. Lake Louise is breathtaking, and I don’t think I will ever grow tired of seeing it.

It was a truly magical day. I felt like I was living in my very own Hallmark Christmas movie – the beautiful winter wonderland scenery, ice skating on the frozen lake, and a sleigh ride with my handsome leading man and two cute kids.


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