Weekend drives in the Alberta Foothills

We love taking random drives in and around Calgary. We haven’t had the best of luck when it comes to seeing the Canadian wildlife on these drives, but the beautiful Alberta scenery never disappoints. It is so diverse, from the towering Rocky Mountains to the flat plains, and rolling farmlands, there is always a beautiful image to behold.

We recently discovered a little gem called the Foothills. It consists mostly of acreages and farms just to the south of Calgary. It’s really beautiful and we loved the winding roads and rolling hills. The area is also dotted with quant little towns, full of interesting shops, restaurants, and some great breweries to discover.

We ended up having lunch at an interesting little brewery called Hard Knox in the town of Black Diamond. It was such a warm, sunny day that we were able to sit outside. The beer was delicious, and a highlight of the day was, in true Alberta style, seeing a group of women ride their horses to the pub for lunch. The girls loved meeting the horses who were tied to the posts closest to our table.

Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and we loved the small-town hospitality. It made us seriously start dreaming of a life on an acreage in the Foothills. A simpler, peaceful life in the great Alberta countryside.

Perhaps one day we will make this a reality…


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