Fun things to do with kids in Calgary

Calgary is a very family-friendly city and there are many places and activities geared towards the whole family. We have really loved getting out and about with the kids, and we are never bored on weekends, as there is always something to do or somewhere to explore. The cold and snowy winters certainly don't stop... Continue Reading →

Meet the expats – Kobus and Marie-France

We take a little break from life in Calgary to meet some South African/French expats living in BC. Kobus and Marie-France share their experiences of life in Port Moody, a city close to Vancouver. Kobus has written a number of great books about life in Africa and being an expat. To learn more, see his... Continue Reading →

Picnic at Prince’s Island Park

After almost two months of staying home and not being able to socialise, we were so excited to finally get out a little bit over the long weekend. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful spring weather and had a picnic at Prince’s Island Park. Spring has definitely sprung in Calgary and it was... Continue Reading →

The Beautiful Peace Bridge

I finally got to see and walk on the Peace Bridge recently. Totally crazy that it's taken me this long to finally get there, but life has been super busy, and then, of course, we've been stuck at home for weeks. The big red structure really is beautiful as it hovers over the turquoise waters... Continue Reading →

Meet the expats – Dylan and Stefanie

Dylan and Stefanie moved to Calgary in November 2019 with their three adorable doggies, Barklie, Chewie and Pippie. They share their thoughts on moving to and starting a new life in Canada. When did you move to Canada and what made you choose Calgary? We arrived in Calgary on 12 November 2019 without ever having... Continue Reading →

Road tripping to BC

A few months ago, pre-corona, and when we were able to easily cross provincial borders, we had a few days off before we finally settled into a new routine of work and school, so we decided to visit some old friends in Cranbrook, a town in the Kootenay region of BC. It’s about a four-hour... Continue Reading →

Meet the expats – Conrad and Nicky

Conrad and Nicky moved to Canada at the end of 2019 and share their thoughts on starting a new life in Calgary. When did you move to Canada and what made you choose Calgary? We came in November 2019 and moved to Calgary because of the lifestyle and living costs of Alberta compared to other... Continue Reading →

Online shopping in Canada

At a time when people are staying home and many shops are closed to the public, online retail is taking centre stage. Francell offers her insights on some of her favourite online shopping options in Canada. If you had asked me a year ago how I felt about online shopping (back when I was still... Continue Reading →

Meet the expats – Wayne and Leanne

Wayne and Leanne moved from Pretoria to Calgary in early 2020 with their two kiddies. They share some of their family’s first impressions of life in Canada. When did you move to Canada and what made you choose Calgary? We departed O.R Thambo International Airport on 17 January 2020 and arrived at Calgary International on... Continue Reading →

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