Spring walks in Griffith Woods

We are fortunate to have so many beautiful parks to explore in Calgary. One of our favourites is Griffith Woods Park. It's a lovely wooded area that straddles the banks of the Elbow River in the south west of Calgary. It's the perfect spot for a quick run, leisurely stroll, bike ride or picnic, and... Continue Reading →

Home-made rusks

There is nothing nicer with a cup of tea or coffee than a good old fashioned rusk, which is obviously something we don’t get very easily here in Canada unless you go to the South African shop or, of course, bake your own. The ones at the South African shop are usually Ouma rusks, which... Continue Reading →

A wonderful winter wonderland

Although it's been quite an adjustment moving from sunny South Africa to chilly Canada, we have really embraced our new surroundings and the new experiences of living in a snowy winter climate. We've certainly not let the cold stop us and have had so much fun getting out and about as a family. The kids... Continue Reading →

Day trip to Banff and Lake Louise

After a week of crazy admin and running around trying to get everything sorted for our new lives in Calgary, we decided to take some family time out and take a drive to Banff and Lake Louise. Lake Louise is about a two-hour drive from Calgary off the Trans-Canada highway, and we left early in... Continue Reading →

The Narrows

How the immigration process can feel like climbing through the dark and narrow cavern of a cave. A few years ago, my brother-in-law introduced me to an infamous cave in Kalk Bay, Cape Town, known as Ronan’s Wells. This is not any old cave as the name suggests, but a cave that literally squeezes the... Continue Reading →


If there is one thing I’m learning to be throughout this process it’s to be grateful. While it’s been an extremely stressful year, with so much uncertainty, there are so many things that I am grateful for and I’m reminded over and over of how good God has been to us throughout our journey to... Continue Reading →

The views we will miss the most

South Africa certainly is a beautiful country and we've been fortunate to be surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery, especially in the Western Cape where we live in the winelands. Here are some pics of the stunning views we are going to miss the most. Please note that the above images are our... Continue Reading →

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