Road tripping to BC

A few months ago, pre-corona, and when we were able to easily cross provincial borders, we had a few days off before we finally settled into a new routine of work and school, so we decided to visit some old friends in Cranbrook, a town in the Kootenay region of BC. It’s about a four-hour... Continue Reading →

Canadian words and phrases to get used to

When you move overseas and start talking to people in your new community you soon realise that South Africans have some odd and unique sayings, and sometimes a weird way of pronouncing things. I think, as new comers, we all have that story of walking into a store and asking for something, only to be... Continue Reading →

A wonderful winter wonderland

Although it's been quite an adjustment moving from sunny South Africa to chilly Canada, we have really embraced our new surroundings and the new experiences of living in a snowy winter climate. We've certainly not let the cold stop us and have had so much fun getting out and about as a family. The kids... Continue Reading →

First impressions of Calgary

This week marks eight weeks since we touched down in Calgary and we’ve been wanting to write this post for ages, but we’ve been so busy doing admin, exploring and having fun, that we just haven’t had the chance. It’s been quite an incredible adventure so far and we’ve had so much fun exploring our... Continue Reading →

Stop obsessing about visa timelines

I see so many posts on the online forums lately asking or complaining about the processing times for Canadian visas, whether it’s waiting for an LMIA, a work permit approval or PR via Express Entry. If you really want to drive yourself crazy, then start obsessing about a timeline... We need to all understand that... Continue Reading →

A prayer for our journey

As I lay me down to sleepI close my eyes and try not to weepThe exhaustion of this immigration journey is taking its tollI want to cry, scream and yellOh, when will we have an answer?I beg you Lord let us knowWill we ever get to see the snow?Will our children get to live in... Continue Reading →

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